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Dr. S. Gerald Hann Psychological Services

For over 30 years, Dr. Hann has been supporting clients in achieving lasting change. He and his team build authentic relationships with their clients, helping them understand and overcome core issues and eliminate symptoms with evidence-based treatment. 


Ongoing Symptoms

Seizures, heart palpitations, chronic pain, muscle pain, dissociation, tension, sleep disruptions, mobility issues, traumatic symptom disorder, medically unexplained symptoms, dissociative seizures, somatization, self-defeating behaviours

Treatment-Resistant Symptoms

Anxiety, depression, seizures,

chronic pain, sleep disruptions, back pain, 

muscle pain, heart palpitations, addiction, burnout, hopelessness, fear, ongoing relationship issues, dissociation

Are you ready to address any of these challenges?

We offer treatment that is effective for various hard-to-treat challenges. Some of our clients have seen many doctors, counsellors, and specialists and have still been unable to eliminate their symptoms. Our treatment helps clients return to work, lead healthy and happy lives and relationships. By using evidence-based methods, we address not only the symptoms but the roots of these problems.

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Treatment That Works

We work with our clients to create lasting change.

Dr. Hann and his team create meaningful partnerships with their clients to collaboratively address the root causes of symptoms. Both therapist and client work hard and develop mutual respect, ultimately fostering the foundation for authentic and enduring change.



Dr. S. Gerald Hann

Halifax Professional Centre

5991 Spring Garden Road, Suite 585

Halifax, Nova Scotia

B3H 1Y6

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